BABL 101: Internships (video)

Worried about your practical skills?

No, need! Our master allows you to do an internship tailored to your own desires and goals: pick a place, a company, and off you go! 👔✈Working as a trainee will not only enable you to sharpen your professional and linguistic skills, but will also broaden your network while laying the groundwork for the rest of your career. Still reluctant? Need more concrete/telling examples? Hear out our fellow students and learn about their own adventures!

BABL 101: What is it all about? (video)

One of the most multilingual and multicultural master programs in Brussels is taught at ULB. Even more, you can choose between three majors (watch the video to find them out!), all in fields that offer a variety of professional outcomes in Belgium and abroad. Moreover, international students are more than welcome to study in this program!

Still want to know more about the Masters in Multilingual Communication? What better way to learn all about it than to hear the testimonials from current students in this interesting video – all that in no less than 14 languages!

You can see what each specialization entails, what some of the favorite classes of the students are and what they find most attractive about the Master. Is it the right fit for you? You can find out!

How many languages do YOU understand? See if they are present in the video!

Écrit par Natalia Vezali