As mentioned in this article, a lot of IR courses of this Master’s concentrate on history. It is undoubtedly important to learn about our past in order to understand the present and act upon it in the future. In our second year, two of the courses focus on the past as well as present relations of Europe with their former colonies. These relations are in the center of colonialist and post-colonialist studies.

In Belgium, for example, « society has not wanted to rethink its colonial past ». Ever heard about the contents of the 1958 world fair which took place in this country? Or the exhibition of the previously known the ‘Museum of the Congo’? Belgium has formerly displayed artifacts and people from its former colony but is now taking steps towards coming to terms with its past. Did you know that the Royal Museum for Central Africa is reopening its doors at the end of this year, following an extensive restoration?

Read all about it in this interesting article published by The Guardian!

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Écrit par Sabrina VANDEZANDE et Natalia VEZALI